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In this intense new video from the minds at Seth Gamble Studios, small and seductive Laney Grey desperately wants a job in porn and she's ready to do whatever it takes to get it. And lo and behold, tenacious boss man Seth Gamble arrives to put the limber brunette through her paces in this first-of-its-kind trial where she's tested physically as well as mentally. If Laney thinks she can simply saunter in and land her foot in the industry door, she has another thing coming to her because it's immediately revealed that only competitive action will lead her somewhere positive. Therefore, the old-and-young dynamic between the boss and the newbie comes to the surface, and as soon as their lips meet, she knows that the going's gonna get rough.Dressed up in a sexy outfit and prepared for anything, shy Laney removes her bra and panties and gets into character.

As Seth watches her audition videos that include handjob porn and blowjob blow-out videos, their touch pulses heat and lust to her. Moments later, face-fuck champion Seth takes control and dials into his most aggressive rough-sex mode, pulling her hair as he violently destroys the available entrance with his massive BBC. Laney delivers a new taboo fucking aesthetic, giving herself over just for the thrill of experiencing his thick betrayal.Holding nothing back, the exquisite slim babe gets ridden hard and put to the test by Seth's thick cock as he issues unto her every imaginable insult and domination fantasy going.This mean oral rough house comes completely fitted with sloppy tongue kissing video, hardcore gun-shosgs as submissive Laney throats down as deep as Seth wants her while probing fingers journey her hairy pussy and small tits. Never have you seen passion so positive with such wicked hot babes in each others' loving enemies while brimming with fiery seduction and gnawing metaphors of freaking aw.k hard destruction. Laney negotiates an orgasmic breakthrough depending to allow Seth to make noise on her, giving visitors a dizzying view-house window into what she will hopefully become~!

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